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Australian Aerial Photography and Mapping
PO Box 85, Glenbrook, NSW, 2773
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Australian Aerial Photography and Mapping

Australian Aerial Photography and Mapping is an aerial photography business specialising in regional, rural and remote areas from easy access to hard.

We use quality DJI Quadcopters, or drones as they are commonly called, and can capture footage of your rural or remote property, can take aerial footage of the land, of stock, of assets and do assett inspections as well as film rural events and almost certainly at considerably less cost than that of conventional aircraft and helicopters.

Unlike many of the aerial photography operators today that are only set up to film in suburbia the owner of this business, John Cantrell, has decades of 4wd driving experience, both in Australia and overseas, and has led groups of 4wd vehicles into some of Australia's more remote desert, mountain and coastal regions.

Some of these trips have been through the most remote desert areas that Australia has to offer.

We have a 4wd vehicle fully equipped for remote travel, and the operator experience to back it up, so we are able to access those hard to get to destinations.

Bush River further upstream

Certified and Insured 

Our quadcopters are flown by a fully qualified, CASA certified and licenced operator and the business is fully insured. Don't settle for operators that have any less - it's simply not worth it.
RPA Operators Certificate (ReOC) CASA.ReOC.6077
Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) # 1014858
Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate # 1014858
Cerificate III Aviation - AV130316
Public Liability $10 million
ABN 64873396917

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